Dumbbell hold with the “Chin Rest”

By Rick Pisani / November 21, 2019

Establishing a good hold with your dumbbell is an important foundation exercise for Competition Obedience. This method enables the dog to understand the hold by shaping the “Chin Rest”. The “hold” now allows your dog to make the right choice and understand the concept of “hold”.

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Focus Forward for the Stand for Exam

By Rick Pisani / November 14, 2019

This is a wonderful way to teach a dog that is overly friendly, sensitive, shy or cautious of strangers. It gives them something to do while a judge in doing the Stand for Exam in Novice and Utility. It makes the action of the approach predictable and reliable. Using this method will add a big…

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How to Fade Props for “Fronts”

By Rick Pisani / October 10, 2019

Using props such as platforms, perches and gates are a great way to help your dog understand what they need to do in order to sit straight! The big issue is most of us use the same piece of equipment too much. This causes a problem when we remove the prop. The idea is to “use…

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By Rick Pisani / November 29, 2018

“Statics” created by Kamal Fernadez refers to teaching a dog Heel position with attention in a stand. A sustained hand touch is used to keep the dogs head up in position. This will become a powerful aid to the dog as you teach heelwork.

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Leg Chute Fronts

By Rick Pisani / November 28, 2018

Adjusting a crooked front before it happens can be very useful. This technique requires no props. Just you and your dog. It will help your dog to learn how to adjust his body before coming into a sit front.

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Beginning Perch Training

By Rick Pisani / November 16, 2018

Teaching your dog to get on a perch. Perches are used for rear end awareness and teaching heel positon.

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Clicker Basics

By Rick Pisani / November 5, 2018

Learning to “Shape” a behavior with a clicker is a great way to expand your training toolbox. By allowing your dog to offer behaviors and make correct choices creates confidence and commitment to their training. This video will help give you the foundation techniques to get started.

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Training Treats

By Rick Pisani / November 5, 2018

Having the right type of rewards will help you get the most out of your training. On this video, I talk about food rewards and the different levels and types to use.

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By pwsadmin / November 2, 2018

This is the beginning game that we will use for teaching our dogs to get a firm hold on an object. This will be transferred to the dumbbell in the future.

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Take a break or Go to bed

By Rick Pisani / July 17, 2018

Teaching your dog to “Take a break” or “Go to Bed” is a very useful exercise with all dogs. Whether your dog is a family pet or competition obedience or agility dog this gives your dog a clear alternative behavior to work or unwanted movement around the house. This video will show the foundation steps…

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