Get to Know a Passionate and Accomplished Dog Trainer


Rick is the owner and founder of Rick’s Canine Workshop.

He has over 30 years of experience teaching people and their dogs, numerous dog sports competition titles and offers both private lessons and group classes in the New York area.

"…As a child, I begged my parents for a dog."

They were not persuaded by my arguments, so I was 25 when I finally realized my dream of owning a dog.

I chose a Shetland Sheepdog that I named MacDuff (NOC OTCH Sir Malcolm MacDuff UDX 4).

I enrolled in a basic obedience class and quickly got hooked on dog training. Our training progressed from basic obedience to entering the American Kennel Club Competition trials. MacDuff and I went from being a beginning novice A team to earning the prestigious designations of Obedience Trial Champion, Gaines-Cycle Superdog, and finally National Obedience Champion.

My love of dog training

Led me to a second wonderful dog, a Golden Retriever named Troy (CH-OTCH Wingmaster’s ounce of Gold UDX 3, VCX, WC, Can CD) Together we obtained the designation of Confirmation Champion and Obedience Trial Champion. He was the fifteenth dog in the history of Golden Retrievers to obtain the dual designation.

My third partner in the obedience ring was a great Border Collie named Bob (OTCH Shoreland’s Wild Thing UDX, RA, OA, OAJ).

Current Dogs

My current canine partners are two Border Collies, Disco and Tom. Disco had a successful career in Agility but unfortunately had to retire due to a back injury. He was shy 2 legs for his USDAA Agility Championship. His new career in obedience has us training for his Utility Dog Excellent title. He is an incredible dog… fast, sensitive, and fun. We have had the pleasure of training with some of the country’s top obedience and agility trainers.

The Charmed Ones Fix it Fool aka “Tom” was born 12/20/17. Tom is also a very sensitive but extremely talented individual…fast and athletic. We are busy building his foundation and working on his debut in the CDSP & AKC obedience rings.