• Karen Freudendorf, Morgan & Brady

    Rick has been working with my Norwegian Elkhounds for nearly 20 years. He has always been professional and is truly a “dog whisperer”. His positive training methods work well with my Northern Breed dogs, often considered difficult to train. This obedience training has allowed me to bond with my dogs who have become valued members of my family. Throughout the years Rick has guided me in training my dogs in competitive obedience thus earning several AKC titles.

    I would highly recommend Rick if you need assistance in any capacity with your canine companions!

  • Rosemary Zuckerman & Watson

    Without reservation I can recommend Rick Pisani as a trainer. He has helped me to train 2 of my dogs. The first was a highly reactive, fearful Golden Retriever and the second a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is extremely social and at times lacks focus. Rick trains both dog and handler to work as a team using positive reinforcement not adverse techniques to achieve success. He taught me how to read my dog and set him up for success as well as understanding in simple terms various aspects of the dog sport world. I would never have been able to deal with and manage my Golden' s reactivity had it not been for Rick's training expertise and knowledge.

    Currently, my 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a work in progress but we are certainly enjoying the journey to success.

  • Nancy, Jake & Millie

    Rick has helped us with two rescue dogs. Our beloved Naya passed away two years ago and we adopted Millie last year during the height of the pandemic. Millie came to us from a rescue organization in Texas and, when we took her home, it was clear to us that she had some issues. Since we had such a helpful and positive experience working with Rick when we had Naya we contacted him again. This was at a time when people weren’t going into other people’s homes or getting together in-person. Rick worked with us over Zoom and the work we did with him was extremely effective. He helped us understand that some of Millie’s limitations were related to her lack of socialization and very limited exposure to the world outside of the backyard she spent most of her time in. In addition to meeting with Rick on an individual basis, we also participated in an outdoor group class that was also very helpful. Rick helped us develop a better understanding of Millie’s needs so that we could help her acclimate to her new surroundings.

    His vast amount of knowledge about dogs and how they work, combined with his kindness and patience, were invaluable to us.

  • Tom, Nancy & Jasper Leswing

    Rick taught us techniques to keep our six-month old beagle, Jasper, from taking over our house. When training us on how to train Jasper, Rick struck a good balance of being firm but also patient with our beagle.

  • Anthony Catinella & Penny

    “Rick’s training classes have taught our puppy, Penny, a lot of important skill sets. Rick is patient, knowledgeable, and makes each class fun and engaging!”

  • Tina Schiaffino & Coco

    I was introduced to the Dog whisperer, Mr. Rick Pisani. Rick changed our lives. He had to train us virtually for the first few weeks, but was able to teach me what to do and what not to do with CoCo. I couldn’t believe what I didn’t know. I couldn’t believe how this little puppy was being trained. Rick knew exactly how to communicate with our dog. He is so caring and so knowledgeable. He knows exactly what to do with any situation in regards to training a dog.
    Real life situations to keep a dog safe, House manners to allow guests, Practical situations to allow for a certain quality of life.

    I’ve continued to take Ricks classes just to enforce what we have learned. I will probably continue to take classes because having a well-trained dog really is worth every penny. I’ve introduced my friends to Rick and he has worked with their dogs…everyone feels the same.

    We feel so fortunate to have Coco in our lives. She got us through the worst of Covid. We also feel so fortunate that Rick helped make Coco the great dog that she is.

  • Dina Zito & Zeus

    I am beyond grateful for being referred to Rick Pisani by a friend of mine. I was in need of a dog trainer because I had a terrible experience with a previous trainer. At my first session I knew immediately that Rick was amazing! My then 6 month old Rhodesian ridgeback Zeus needed obedience training. He had some impulse control issues and was jumping on people. He also started to jump up and put his paws on the counter if there was food on it. He would also race to his food and jump on us when he saw his food. Rick knew exactly what Zeus needed and what I needed to do as well. Within four sessions Zeus was a different dog! He sat by his food and would not go to it without my command. He was much better about jumping on people and no longer jumped on the counter! Rick was always calm, loving and in tune with Zeus. I quickly referred Rick to my friend who had a new puppy. I would never use anyone else!

    Zeus thanks him too!