Private Training


Lessons are conducted in your home.

I get calls daily from dog owners at their wit’s end. Some common problems I hear and can help with in private training include:

• Arrival of new puppy
• First time dog owners
• Dogs having accidents in the house

• Not coming when called
• Pulling on leash
• Going wild when someone is at the door

• Nipping and mouthing people and clothing
• Jumping on people
• Counter surfing or grabbing shoes, socks, etc.

I always tell them they’ve called the right person and I can help.

With over thirty years of dog training experience, I am here to LISTEN INTENTLY TO YOUR PROBLEM and call on my years of experience to GIVE YOU THE TOOLS TO SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR DOG.

Being proactive instead of reactive enables you to solve just about anything. I’ll show you how!

Training Package options

  • Pre Puppy Consult

    Getting your first puppy or it’s been a while since your last dog. Start off right with our Pre-Puppy Consult.

    With this 1.5 hour consult I can help you:
    • Save time and money in your preparation. I’ll recommend products and necessary accessories so you have the right equipment and supplies vs unneeded stuff.
    • Set everyone up for success by getting you on the same page – consistency is one of the most important tasks with a new pup.
    • Formulate a schedule for house breaking and crate training.
    • Prevent problems such as mouthing and jumping from the start so it doesn’t become a bad habit.

    Getting a new puppy should be fun and not frustrating. Let me help you and your new dog do it right from the start.

    1.5 hrs $175

  • Super Puppy Pack

    In this comprehensive package, we combine in-home training sessions which are filled with valuable information plus hands-on training and guidance. You also have the option to add 3 short virtual check-ins, which are great for questions that come and troubleshooting between our in-person sessions. This program is designed to support you and your puppy throughout your training.

    In Super Puppy we’ll cover:

    • Typical problem areas of puppyhood and into adolescence, such as housetraining, nipping/mouthing, jumping, chewing, barking, pulling on leash, etc.
    • Appropriate toys & games to teach your puppy desirable outlets for energy.
    • Impulse control exercises to avoid pushy, demanding behavior.
    • Useful and practical behaviors such as sit, down, come, leash acclimation & manners.
    • Includes two pieces of equipment to help jump-start your success. 20 foot long line and management leash

    Super Puppy includes:

    Six in-home training sessions $860

    with added Zoom for $$980

    Bundle deal:

    Get the Pre-Puppy Consult + Super Puppy Pack and check-ins for just $1025

  • Basic Manners 4 Pack

    Need help with basic training? Whether you have a new addition or need to brush up on good manners, this package can help.

    For teen to adult dogs, no maximum age.

    In this 4.5 hour package we cover a lot of ground:

    • Basic training which includes but not limited to house training, sit, down, come, stay and walking on the leash.
    • We’ll tackle the annoying jumping, mouthing and other common undesirable behaviors that may be an issue.

    4.5 hours of training $585

  • T.Schiaffino

    Rick changed our lives. He had to train us virtually for the first few weeks, but was able to teach me what to do and what not to do with CoCo. I couldn’t believe what I didn’t know. He is so caring and so knowledgeable. He knows exactly what to do with any situation in regards to training a dog. Thanks!

  • Real World

    Are you ready to take your training to a new level? The Real World package is just for you. Walks to the school bus, park, or field are great ways to get your dog the exercise and stimulation he needs. Address the jumping on guests upon arrival and your canine escape artist from leaving though the front door or gate from the yard. Having an issue with Fido stealing food or jumping on the counters. We can handle this in addition to your dog’s particular issues.

    4 hrs $560

  • D. Zito

    I am beyond grateful for being referred to Rick Pisani by a friend of mine. I was in need of a dog trainer because I had a terrible experience with a previous trainer. At my first session I knew immediately that Rick was amazing!

  • Recall (Come when called)

    Does your dog ignore you when you call him to come? Too busy with other temptations to listen? Does he play the game of chase and catch me if you can? These 4.5 hours of training will allow us to explore and address the problems that are present and work towards a solid recall. We’ll work on:

    • Name recognition
    • Foundation games for come when called
    • Emergency recall word
    • Practice in your space and out in the open.

    20’ long line included for recall work.

  • Behavior Modification

    For dogs that are exhibiting issues beyond basic manners or common behavior problems. We begin with an initial Zoom consultation  during which we’ll explore the issues and determine how many sessions we may need to address the problem and your goals.

    Subsequent sessions can be in-home or via Zoom. Some of the issues we can help with include:

    • Resource Guarding
    • Mild Reactivity
    • Fear issues

    Initial 1-hour Zoom consult $140

    4 session behavior modification package $600
    Additional single sessions are $165


  • Day Training

    Our Day training program is designed with the busy canine guardian in mind. We jumpstart the training for you by training your dog 2 times per week. Then once per week we all meet to review the past weeks progress. There will be 12 sessions in total.

    Service area is limited to East Islip, Islip, Bayshore. Please contact us for details and how Rick can train your dog.

    Price $1520
    for the 4 week, 12 session package

  • RZ

    I would never have been able to deal with and manage my Golden's reactivity had it not been for Rick's training expertise and knowledge.

Our Service Area

Due to high demand, I do not travel to certain areas.

Please refer to the above map or contact me for exact service locations. The first session would be done via Zoom and follow-up visits would be done at my location or various parks and outdoor spaces.

Initial Zoom Consult is 1 hour $150

Follow-up visits are 1 hour for $150
There will be a $50 additional fee for travel outside of my service area on my discretion